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The Macaroni Pasta lines have always been characterized by their innovative technical solutions and their high degree of reliability.
☆ Macaroni Extrudinging Line is for macaroni, fusilli, penne, conchigile production by single-screw extruder.
☆ The raw material can be durum, maize starch, potato powder, potato starch, cassava starch or their mixture, etc.
☆ The pellet can by different shapes, like shell, spiral, square tube, etc. Pasta and macaroni are a semi-manufactured dry product, made of dough, cooked opportunely using extrusion cooking technology, shaped and formed until reaching a humidity of less than 12%.

Standard Configurations

Motor WEG or Siemens
Electric Parts ABB or Schneider or Delixi
PLC & Touch Screen Siemens
Bearings NSK
Controller PLC and touch screen control whole line, not one or two equipment
Protector 3 kinds of protectors: overload, overcurrent and overheat. Control cabinet is 24V safe voltage
Materials Cover body and mesh belt and parts touching with food are made by stainless steel

Technical Parameters

Model SRP-100 SRP-300
Capacity 100-150kg/hr 300-350kg/hr
Power 81kw 95kw
Dimension 18 x 5 x 3m 20 x 5 x 3m
Workers Needed 2-3 2-3

Equipment Show


Flow Chart

Mixing materials - Extruding - Cutting - Drying - Cooling

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