Hot Air Rice Puffer
Corn Flakes Extruding Line

Oatmeal Production Line

Introduction of oatmeal making machine

The equipment is mainly used to produce fruit cereals, the finished producs have the advantages of cripy, balanced nutrition, time-saving and delicious.
140mins long time baking with low temperature oven, reduces calories without affecting nutrition, more healthy.
The mixing of fruits, oats, nuts etc make the final product nutritious and delicious. Meanwhile, high dietary fiber helps maintain normal intestinal function and provides a lasting feeling of satiety.
Main ingredient:Wheat flour, oat flour, rice flour, corn flour, sugar and malt dextrin and etc

Equipment Show


Flow Chart

Flour mixing-screw conveying-extruding-auto proportioning system-roasting-sugar melting-sugar coating-roasting-crushing-cooling-packing