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Oatmeal Chocolate Former


Oatmeal Chocolate Machinery can produce oatmeal chocolate with various shapes and sizes. ☆ It is a fully automatic machine, which uses the method of forming + freezing to blending oatmeal and chocolate.
☆ After mixing the raw material, the procedures of forming, de-molding, and freezing are all performed automatically, and only needs one worker to mix and feed the material, which could reduce the labor source.
☆ The whole machine has high efficiency and covers a small area. One worker can operate this machine.

Technical Parameters

Mold Quantity

90 pcs

Mold Dimension

450 x 285mm


10 trays per minute


380V 20kw




6500 x 1500 x 2700mm

Equipment Involved

Forming Machine x 1 set

Freezing Tunnel x 1 set

Molds x 1 sets (includes 90 pcs forming moulds, 1 pressing mould and 1 de-moulding mould)

Mould Conveyor x 1 set

Cooling System x 1 set

Equipment Show


Flow Chart

Mixing- Feeding-Extrusion-Freezing-Demold-Packing
→ All the processesof the mixing,filling,forming bar,cooling,and demoulding are automatically finished.
→ High capacity up to 3Tons/8Hours and small dimensions of just 1 meter width and 6.5meters length.
→ Types of different shapes of moulds can be changed freely.

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