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Meat Bites Forming Machine

Introduction of meat bites forming machine

Beef Granules/Meat Dices/Codfish Cubes Forming Machine can be used for producing beef granules,meat dices,codfish cubes with different shapes and sizes by changing the molds.


The product shape with round, cylindrical, square, semi round, triangular and blossom by changing the molds. Combined procedures into one: Filling materials - Forming shape - Cooling meat bites - Demolding cereal bar - Conveying & cooling meat bites. Controlled by Siemens PLC and touch screen with friendly interface. The staff could 180°rotate the touch screen, flexible and convenient. The controller languages can be Chinese, English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, etc.
Equipped with two sets of mechanical pressing molds, does not hurt materials and without material wastage. The forming molds are made by HMWHDPE and includes 36 pieces. The mold cavity can be designed with different shapes and sizes as customer’s requirements, such as cylinder, ball, square, round cake, heart, triangle. Equipped with sensors to accurately check the forming molds position, so the pressing mold could tightly fit, makes super cereal bar shaping. The conveying belt is made by HMWHDPE to avoid the materials sticking on the belt, also meet food grade. Using high performance frequency inverter, easy adjust speed, high efficiency, it can produce 24-hour continuously. After forming procedure and demolding procedure, there are fans to cool down the cereal bar to normal temperature. Easy operation, clean and maintenance.

Technical Parameters




Material Hopper Size

800 x 400 x 350mm
Material Hopper Volume


Mixer Tank Temperature


Mold Quantity

75pcs, includes

- Forming mold x 69pcs

- Pressing mold x 3pcs

- Demolding mold x 3pcs

Forming Mold size

468 x 173mm
Effective mold size

352 x 154mm





6200 x 4700 x 1600mm

Equipment Show


Flow Chart

Mixing Materials - Material Forming - De-mouding - Baking or Drying

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