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Bread Crumb Extruding Line is based on advanced extrusion technology and widely used in food supplementary material, mainly used for coating on the surface of fried food, such as fried chicken, beefsteak, chicken leg, chicken wing, hamburger patties, seafood (shrimp, fish), onion rings, etc. Make its color golden and attractive, delicious crispy and with rich nutrition. This is specially designed bread crumb process line has improved the traditional one. From mixing materials to final crumb shaping, it only needs less workers, which can lower the production cost and raise the production efficiency. This production line is made to produce bread crumb. Bread crumb is widely used to wrap onion rings, steak, chicken before frying. Features:
1.Bread crumb such as Japanese long needle shape, US granular shape, snowflakes shape and so on.
2.High production efficiency, no wasted material.
Production process:
Raw material treatment→Mixing system→Extrusion system→Cutting system→Drying system→Crushing system→Screening system→Packing system
Equipment configuration:
1) Mixer 2) Screw Conveyor 3) Extruder
4) Cutter 5) Hoister 6) Multilayer Oven
7) Grinder 8)Vibrating screen 9)Packing Machine

Technical Parameters

Flour mixing - Screw conveying - Extruding - Shaping & cutting - Drying - Grinding - Cooling


Output Installed Capacity Actual Capacity



120-150kg/hr 73kw 50kw

24 x 3x 2.8m


200-250kg/hr 90kw 68kw

29 x 3 x 3m


300-500kg/hr 110kw 95kw

30 x 3.2 x 3.5m

Equipment Show


Flow Chart

Raw material treatment→Mixing system→Extrusion system→Drying system→Cooling system→Packing system

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