Machine Price Adjust

Because of the SS price and motor price increased crazy, we have to adjust our machine price by adding 10%. Should there are any customer need to buy the machine, please make your decision soon, the price seems will keep incerease for a long time. The original price is invalid from now.

Smart Machinery Labor Day

We had 5 holidays in the past 5 days, from May.1 to May 5. Right now, holiday is finished, welcome customer send us inquiries for our extruder machines.

Food Seasoning Drum Flavoring Roller

The flavoring machine coats the snack food through rotary. The flavor  powder and the oil spraying amount and time can be adjusted. 

Dental Dog Chewing Making Machine

This is a machine for manufacturing pet treats products by the injection molding process. It consists of two main parts, an injection unit and a clamping unit. is special machinery for producing pet snacks.

300kg/h Cereal Bar Forming Machine

This machine is suitable for pressing forming for puffed cereal such as rice ball, wheat ball, popcorn ball, rice bar, rice cake and so on. The shapes can be round, cylindrical, square, semi-circle, and triangular etc.