Mini Granola Bar former

  • Introduction:

    Mini Granola Bar Cutting Machine is specially designed for small enterprise, mini in size, easy to operate.
    The capacity is about 100kg/hr (4000-5000PCS/H).
    Used for making candy bar, cereal bar, sesame candy bar, peanut bar, puffed rice cake bar, and other block-shaped candy bars.


    ★  Mini granola bar former uses the PTFE belt, which has the feature of anti-sticking, better tenacity and not easy to be damaged.

    ★  The pressing roller is made of food-grade HMWHDPE material, which is healthy with anti-sticking function. The side of the roller is marked with scale. The client could accurately adjust the height of the roller to meet the different thickness of the product requirement.

    ★ The effective width of the belt is 170mm.

    ★  Controlled by PLC and touch screen with a friendly interface.

    ★  Mechanical pressing & rubbing, will not hurt raw materials, which avoid waste efficiently.

    ★  Using high-performance frequency inverter, easy adjust speed, high efficiency.

  • Sugar boiler---Mixer to mix ingredients---bar forming machine---Auto-sorting machine---Packing Machine
  • Output 60-80pcs/min
    Power 2.2kw
    Material Hopper Size 540 x 450 x 350mm
    Hopper Volume 8L
    Conveying Belt Width 180MM
    Product width 30-150mm
    Product thickness 10-30mm
    Weight 500kg
    Dimension 3000 x 600 x 1500mm

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