Granola Bar Cutting Machine

  • Introduction:

    Cereal/muesli/granola Bar Cutting Machine is used for producing various cereal bars, peanuts bars, caramel treats, sesame bars, energy bars, etc.. with square shapes. It has many applications, meets diversiform demands worldwide.

    * Raw material can be rice, millet, wheat, highland barley, maize, broomcorn, Chinese pearl barley, buckwheat, etc, and berries such as goji, raisins, cashew, nuts could also be added...

    ☆  The whole machine and all supplementary machine are controlled by Siemens PLC with touch screen, easy operation.

    ☆ Mechanical pressing, good shock absorb effect, pressure adjustable, does not damage materials. No ingredient is wasted here.

    ☆ Equipped with Mixer to mix the materials and reduce the labor cost;

    ☆ Material Hopper has a heater to keep materials temperature. It works very  good especially for winter.

    ☆ All the parts which touch raw materials and ingredients are all food grade non-sticky material made by SS304.

    * Chocolate coating, cooling tunnel, freezing tunnel for options, to meet different technology demands.

    ☆ The cooling conveyor has fans to cool down the final products, fore easily go to the next step of auto-sorting and packing procedure

    * Length of cooling conveyor can be customized.
    * Turning conveyer is also available, for all types of workshop sizes consideration.

  • Processing peanuts or nuts - Producing poprice - Melting sugar - Mixing materials - Pressing & Cutting - Cooling - Packing

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