Cereal Bar Moulding Machine

  • Introduction:

    Cereal Bar Molding/forming Machine is used for producing various cereal bars by molds, it has many applications, meets diversiform demands worldwide.

    * Raw material can be cereals, nuts, dehydrated fruits, granolas, muesli, etc.
    * Auto proportioning system available for labor cost saving.

    ☆ The product shapes are quite flexible, it can be heart shape, balls, round, cylindrical, square, semi-round, triangular and blossom by changing the molds.

    ☆  The whole machine and all supplementary machine are controlled by Siemens PLC with touch screen, easy operation.

    ☆ Mechanical pressing, good shock absorb effect, pressure adjustable, does not damage materials. There are no waste ingredients.

    ☆ Super quality sensors very accurately check the position of the mold, both upper and nether molds fit precisely, producing out satisfying cereal bar shaping.

    ☆ Hopper, molds, and molding devices are all food grade non-sticky material. All the parts may touch raw materials and ingredients are made by SS304.

    ☆ Material hopper has a heater to keep the temperature of materials, it works very well especially for winter.

    * Chocolate coating, cooling tunnel, freezing tunnel for options, to meet different technology demands.

    ☆ The cooling conveyor has fans to cool down the final products, fore easily go to the next step of auto-sorting and packing procedure

    * Length of cooling conveyor can be customized.
    * Turning conveyer is also available, for all types of workshop sizes consideration.

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